We've been busy at BestStart Rangiora

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Kiwi Classroom:

We are enjoying Spring and playing with the beautiful blossoms from the nursery tree. We incorporated clay and made vases, cups, teapots, bracelets, pizza and faces. It was great to play with these natural resources and develop our understanding of nature. We enjoyed the texture and sensory elements too. Tino pai e hoa mā! Very good friends!


Kea Classroom:

At BestStart Rangiora we celebrate our children graduating with a theme day of their choice. Our friend George graduated and chose a 'construction day".

Rockets were created out of large boxes to fly to the Moon! This required critical thinking - how are we going to make it? Communication led to a discussion around what does a rocket need. Teamwork- - who is going to do what? Co-operation and of course imagination. The result was a fabulous rocket that friends could share and have lots of fun flying to the moon together.


Nursery Classroom: 

Our nursery tamariki have really enjoyed exploring in the sand pit. Sand play is very tactile, there is no right or wrong way to play, and helps tamariki learn about textures. They develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Taste testing is often a favourite with the children