Winter Wonderland

22 Jul 2022

Winter Wonderland

Over the last couple of months our tamariki have been noticing that the weather outside has become really cold. We have had to rug up warm in our jackets and hats before we can adventure outside.

To extend on this emerging interest our kaiako introduced our tamariki to a range of creative winter wonderland experiences. They were very keen to be involved in making snowflakes. Our tamariki sat alongside their friends at the table and immediately got involved in painting. They love using the fly swats as tools to paint with but their favourite part was sprinkling glitter all over their snowflakes. By shaking glitter our tamariki were able to refine their fine motor skills and manipulative skills. Our tamariki also love painting winter trees covered in snow. To create their art they dipped their fingers in white paint and spread it all around their tree. This promoted fine motor skill development they carefully manoeuvred their fingers. 

Providing opportunities for our tamariki to be involved in our winter wonderland experiences facilitated their ability to express themselves, communicate, promote their imagination and creativity