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BestStart Montessori Arrowton is located in the heart of Arrowtown. We offer a Montessori inspired philosophy for children aged 3 months to 6 years. We are proud to be part of our community and work in partnership with families to achieve our vision - “Explore natural learning”

We provide a calm, peaceful environment inspired by Montessori, that fosters independence and empowers choice. Where children experience quality through positive, responsive relationships and holistic experiences.

Bambini (Nursery 0-3 years)

In our nurturing home-like environment, we value whanau involvement, everything we do works around your child’s home routines, our primary caregiving approach ensures consistency between home and centre and helps to build a strong sense of belonging for our children. Here we introduce the basic concepts of Montessori, fostering relationships and independence. Our ‘mini’ adventurers programme occurs weekly and involves getting out and about in our community with our two-year old tamariki with visits to the local library.  Weekly yoga lessons are offered to our young tamariki as well.

Monties (Preschool 3-6 years)

Our preschool space is inspired by the Montessori philosophy in our home-like environment. Our children learn through real life, purposeful experiences. Our children are independent and responsible for themselves, each other and the environment. We offer a robust transition to school programme and this involves visits from and to Arrowtown primary school and termly we attend the school assembly.  Our unique ‘Adventurers Programme’ for our 8 oldest children venture out regularly into our local community, learning about exploring and discovering the world around them. We also provide a weekly yoga session and weekly French lessons.

What you can expect from our centre:

  • Wonderful, nurturing, qualified staff who have a strong passion and love for what they do
  • A child focussed programme inspired by the Montessori philosophy
  • Children leading their own learning journey at their own pace, with support and guidance of our teachers

For more information about the specific fees for your centre, please contact us directly (03) 442 0032 /  arrowtown@best-start.orgYou might be eligible for support paying their childcare fees. For more information click here

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Quality Services Award 2023

kind words from our parents


A box of chocolates is hardly enough to acknowledge this, but you guys have one of the most important jobs in Queenstown, and you do it very well. It is always a great pleasure for me to see the genuine affection you all have towards the children, not just my boy but everyone. Its great to see.


Thank you so much for supporting Jack through a tough year of transition from the USA. It was so wonderful to find a school where his individual needs were recognised and his strengths developed. He learned and grew so much over the course of the year. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, we feel so grateful for your understanding and assurance.


Our son loves spending time with you all, and I have no qualms in dropping him off at Monti for the whole day.


2023 Autumn Festival

We were very excited to participate in the return of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival. Read about how we attended this famous event and even joined in on the parade!

Our Enquiry Work

We have been doing a lot of inquiry work in our class room and this is being done through experiments