BestStart Montessori Bethlehem

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BestStart Montessori Bethlehem provides exceptional Montessori childcare for children from 6 months to 6 years old. We're a kind and caring learning community, proud of our culturally-diverse teachers and families, ready and waiting to share our knowledge with you and your child. Everyone is welcome and your family values and culture are important to us.

Be your own champion

At BestStart Montessori Bethlehem we are passionate about helping all children be the best that they can be at whatever they show an interest in. With encouragement and support we help them to develop the skills they need to be confident, resilient learners not just for school but for life. 

By building a strong relationship with parents and with regular communication, together, we can help your child be their own champion.  Whether it’s starting to use the toilet, knowing their alphabet or just needing help to make friends we pride ourselves in meeting their needs and goals in a kind, caring and respectful way.

Independence - Maria Montessori said, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”. Whether it be learning to feeding themselves, put on their shoes, peel a carrot, wash their hands or simply opening their lunchbox – we will always there to help and guide our children with the task at hand but, the look on their face when they manage to do it for themselves is priceless! We love to see our children reach their own potential in whatever they have chosen to work with, after all, we are all unique individuals! 

Every day is a fun day - All of our teachers are passionate about the children having fun every day, whether through singing, expressing themselves creatively or simply by playing with their friends. We also have dress up days, bring a bike day, shared lunches and lots of visitors who come to visit the children throughout the year. 

Exploring outside - We have a huge outdoor area the children are physically challenged in every day. They learn to love and respect the outside environment, raking leaves, gardening and enjoying the fresh air. We have two large playground areas, a huge tarmac area for riding bikes and big areas for growing our fruit and vegetables. Our gardens provide an opportunity for children to learn about respecting nature/Papatuanuku. Children help to look after our resident chickens and guinea pigs. They care for our fruit trees, pick flowers and weed vegetable plots. They harvest eggs and fruit or vegetables when they are ripe. Our homegrown produce is prepared by the children for morning tea or used in baking, ready to share with their friends at preschool or take home for their family. 

Playing inside - We have large, open light and airy classrooms that create a relaxed, quiet and calm environment for your child to achieve his or her optimal learning potential. Within a well-resourced classroom your child will be supported by kind and caring teachers to give everything a try. An extensive range of Montessori equipment will help your child to learn not only academically but also to respect and look after things we treasure.   

We love parent feedback - Parents know their children the best and we love to hear about what happens at home. Sharing children’s interests and family aspirations enables us to create an individualised learning plan for your child. The Storypark App allows families to access stories and videos about their child's learning, showing what they have been up to during their time with us. Our parents love to watch the videos at home with their children and have told us it makes them feel more like we are sharing the journey with them as they can see and understand what their child has been doing during their time with us.

Our Infant Room

​Babies love cuddles - Starting from as young as five months, our Infant Room provides a nurturing environment where the little ones can feel safe, happy and stimulated.

Bambini Room

​Toddlers who love to share - Our toddlers start their journey with us in the Bambini Room anywhere from the age of 18 months and this is where they hit the ground running, building on their exploration skills both inside the classroom and outside in their own playground. Our toddlers become more creative through painting, music, playdough, are challenged with puzzles and they also enjoy the home corner complete with baby dolls and pushchairs.

Our 3 Year Old Room

Look at me I'm nearly 3! - Moving out of the toddler stage and growing in confidence our nearly three-year-olds love to explore practical life activities, learning to concentrate and developing pouring, spooning, and tweezing skills. This helps them cross their mid-lines, learn about hand-eye coordination, and strengthen their pincer grips which will help when holding a pencil and scissors later on.

Il Sole Classroom

​Help I'm only little and I'm starting school soon! - From around the age of 4 years the children progress to our Il Sole Classroom where a strong focus on becoming ready for school. Selfcare around dressing themselves, getting ready for swimming lessons at school, looking after their belongings, developing pencil and scissor control are just a few of the things they will learn about in this class.

Video Gallery

Be School Ready at Montessori Bethlehem
A beautiful day in the garden
When persistence pays off!
Our Infant Room
Our lovely pre schoolers
A tour of Montessori Bethlehem
Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


I am a mother of two children at Montessori Bethlehem. Both of my children are very different in personality and temperament and Montessori suits both of them perfectly. The Montessori method partnered with quality teachers means that my son who prefers to observe first and participate later in his own time, usually solo, has been able to work at his own pace, celebrate his success, and gain confidence to make friends and try new things. My daughter who is confident and busy, is able to move through activities as she needs to while being encouraged to concentrate on individual tasks and see them through to completion. I love that their individual personalities are celebrated and I’m reminded of this every time I talk with their teachers and hear about their activities and achievements – it’s obvious to me that they know my children and have a real relationship with them. I also really love how respect for others and manners are encouraged as this is a high value of ours at home, and I especially love it when it starts to come out naturally from my children.


There is so much love in the Nido room. And when you are leaving your precious little one, this is the most important thing. My oldest child loves visiting her little brother in her old room, they feel comfortable. There are so many different activities which are constantly changed. The interaction between teacher child and teacher parent is fantastic.


The Montessori staff teachers are exceptional. We love reading about Ella’s progress in her thoughtful learning stories. The staff and teachers are flexible and listen to your special requests and work to follow your child’s established routines.


We chose Montessori as it came highly recommended by our friends whose children both had gone through here. Our eldest child started at Nido and we found it a wonderful place for her to explore and develop her independence. Our youngest has just begun and we are really looking forward to seeing her develop her independence.


I am always recommending BestStart Montessori Bethlehem to mums. The care and environment is exceptional and stands out amongst the other centres that I have experienced.


I have been very happy with the love, care and support from the teachers, admin and centre manager in the big leap we had in leaving South Africa and moving to NZ. Mackenzie is very happy at school and she settled really well. The support with her transitioning between classes has been amazing and all the teachers have helped and supported with smooth transitions. The centre has an amazing atmosphere. I love the learning that takes place in preparing my little girl for school and working with her interest and strengths. Very happy mom. Thank you to everyone involved.


BestStart have been crucial in our son's development, and we've noticed huge changes in Arthur since progressing in the classroom - cognitively, his social skills and his behaviour. We're excited to see how Freya will grow whilst she's at Montessori.


Our child has really enjoyed the environment, learning a lot and well supported in learning. Great staff. Excellent adherence and procedures in place for COVID safety. Communication has been excellent.


I have previously recommended Montessori Bethlehem to many family and friends, the friendly teachers and staff have made leaving my daughter with them so much easier.


Byron has felt comfortable at BestStart Montessori Bethlehem from day one. The teachers have been amazing and have put countless hours of hard work into his learning and him as a little person. I'm so happy I chose this centre for our family.


Great management and wonderful teachers at Montessori Bethlehem. We are very happy with our overall experience. They have gone out of their way to accommodate us over what has been a difficult period with Covid etc.


We have been so pleased with the education, manaaki, support and care that both our child and our whole whanau as a whole has received from BestStart Bethlehem. This is a real whanau centred place and we have been blessed with genuine concern and aroha from the staff when life's challenges were upon us. Our child has continued to grow and prosper under their care and we always recommend this place to our whanau and friends.


Both my son and daughter have attended Montessori @ Bethlehem, and both have benefited hugely from their time there. I feel the love and care that the teachers have for my children every day, and I have so much appreciation for the way they go above and beyond to ensure that the children have wonderful experiences during their time at daycare. The advice and care I have received from both Natalie and Louise also deserve a special mention - they have always made me and my children feel like such valued parts of the Montessori Bethlehem family.


The most incredibly present, genuinely caring group of women I have had the pleasure of leaving my child with. Aliarna is the youngest of 5 children, the oldest being 31yrs and I can honestly say, in all my experience with ECE/kindy type environments, Bethlehem Beststart Montessori is PHENOMENAL in all areas. I would and do highly recommend this as an option. Louise and Natalie are incredible facilitator/administrators, and I have not yet met an ECE teacher here who I didn’t also hold in the highest regard.


I've had a lovely experience with BestStart Montesorri Bethlehem. Large indoor and outdoor play spaces for the children and friendly staff. Lately I've particularly enjoyed hearing my almost 2 year old use Maori language at home that he has learnt there. Very happy mama :)


The Montessori Bethlehem centre is like one big family, they always make you feel welcome and genuinely want the best for your child. You can tell that the team are passionate, knowledgeable and work well together. I couldn’t think of a better place for my children.


After visiting so many centres I found this beautiful place with so much love for the kids who attend. It’s calm, peaceful and nurturing and they are very well looked after. You can really feel that the teachers enjoy being there rather than just a job. My son is loving it and so are we!


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