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BestStart Montessori Johnsonville in Wellington has been rated as one of NZ's top five preschools in Wellington! All of our teachers are Montessori trained and experienced - making us a quality Montessori centre. BestStart is one of NZ's leading early childcare providers. We provide affordable, high quality education and award winning childcare for preschooler over three years old.

BestStart Montessori Johnsonville children become peaceful, connected, global learners!

We are a small family based preschool with large classrooms, with only 18 children in each of our 2 classrooms. This enables us to really get to know our families well and offer each child a real personal relationship with teachers. Through these relationships we are able to establish families aspirations and cultural backgrounds and weave this together with our knowledge of child development to create individual and specialized learning plans for each child. 

Although we are well known in our community, established in 1995 and now spanning generations, we can be hard to find. Up a long driveway on a back section a converted house children are becoming peaceful, connected, global learners! 

We are immersed in the community, with great relationships with our surrounding neighbours and with our maunga, Mount Kaukau 10 minutes up the road. We regularly take our children to Mount Kaukau, helping us all feel connected to the community and to the wider land of Aotearoa. 

Montessori Method

“Learning how to learn is a preparation for life” – Maria Montessori recognized that children have a natural willingness to explore and that the best motivation for learning is self-motivation.

In our Montessori classroom, we emphasize independence and freedom within limits. Children are provided with a carefully prepared environment that contains a variety of hands-on materials designed to stimulate their senses and develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Teachers serve as guides and facilitators rather than lecturers, and they encourage children to work independently and collaborate with their peers. There is the utmost respect for the child, and we focus on nurturing the whole child, including their physical, emotional, and intellectual development perfect in preparation for school.

Our Team

We are a unique team as we are all Montessori trained and experienced. Each of us bring unique skills and perspectives to the centre and ensures a colourful, engaging and inclusive atmosphere. Many of us have ties to the centre before working here, either attending ourselves as children, or having our own children enrolled. Demonstrating exactly how long we have been around for, and what an integral part of the community we are.

What we offer

  • Healthy Heart Award - nutrition and health is important to us
  • Experienced tight-knit team of passionate teachers, all both state and Montessori qualified
  • 20 hours free for 3-5 year olds and WINZ subsidies available* if required
  • Incredible support and preparation for your childs transition to school

Our Spaces

Our classroom environments have an aura of peace and tranquility. Children are free to choose to work in whatever area of the curriculum interests and excites them. Children learn a deep understanding of respect for themselves, others and the equipment they use. Our outdoor environment is natural and well maintained. We have areas of grass that the children mow, trees to climb, sandpits and water features for the children to explore. We have fruit trees, flowers and vegetable gardens that we nurture and harvest when they are ready.

Sunflower and Rainbow Rooms

(3 - 6 years old)

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