BestStart Montessori Mosgiel

BestStart is one of NZ's leading early childcare providers. BestStart Montessori Mosgiel provides affordable, high quality education and award winning childcare for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

BestStart Montessori Mosgiel our vision is to create meaningful connections!

We prioritize strong relationships, collaborating closely with families to ensure the best outcomes for every child. As the only Montessori center in the Taieri area, we uphold Maria Montessori's values, extending children's knowledge and experiences while encouraging them to be active participants in the community. Our children engage in various excursions and community initiatives, developing their awareness and understanding of the world around them.

At BestStart Montessori Mosgiel, we believe in empowering children to lead their learning journey at their own pace, with the support and guidance of our dedicated teachers. Our tamariki develop learning theories and become active contributors to the community, growing in independence and responsibility. We cherish a thoughtfully planned Montessori environment, providing tools that inspire active engagement and hands-on learning. Inclusivity is at the heart of our approach, ensuring equal opportunities for all children regardless of their abilities or cultural backgrounds. We strengthen our connections through community activities such as attending Polyfest and hosting family nights like the Matariki disco. Our passionate team supports children to learn and develop, fostering meaningful relationships within the center and the wider community.

Montessori Method

“Learning how to learn is a preparation for life” – Maria Montessori recognized that children have a natural willingness to explore and that the best motivation for learning is self-motivation.

In our Montessori classroom, we emphasize independence and freedom within limits. Children are provided with a carefully prepared environment that contains a variety of hands-on materials designed to stimulate their senses and develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Teachers serve as guides and facilitators rather than lecturers, and they encourage children to work independently and collaborate with their peers. There is the utmost respect for the child, and we focus on nurturing the whole child, including their physical, emotional, and intellectual development perfect in preparation for school.

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Our Team

Our teaching team is passionate about supporting children in their learning and development, ensuring each child progresses at their own pace. Our educators are dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the Montessori philosophy. We place a high value on relationships, both within our center and in the wider community. Our team works closely with families to build strong, trusting partnerships, recognizing that collaboration with parents is key to each child's success. We are an inclusive and supportive center, welcoming children of all abilities and backgrounds. Our teachers think creatively and adapt their methods to ensure every child feels valued and included. By creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere, we help children develop confidence, resilience, and a sense of belonging. Our team’s dedication to building strong connections and providing exceptional care and education is what makes BestStart Montessori Mosgiel a truly special place for children to grow and thrive.

What we offer

  • Silver Healthy Heart Award - nutrition and health is important to us
  • Fresh, healthy, nutritious meals and snacks provided throughout the day 
  • Experienced tight-knit team of passionate teachers, all both state and Montessori qualified
  • 20 hours free for 3-5 year olds and WINZ subsidies available* if required
  • Incredible support and preparation for your childs transition to school

Our Spaces

Montessori Mosgiel provides a safe, loving and understanding environment where strong relationships and confidence building are at the heart of learning. We provide ‘real-life’ opportunities for children to practice and develop the skills necessary to be successful in life and active contributors to our community.  We prioritize strong relationships, collaborating closely with families to ensure the best outcomes for every child. Our environment reflects the aspirations and desires of our tamariki (children), whᾱnau (families), and kaiako (teachers), fostering a sense of belonging and partnership. 

Little Ferns

Under 2's


2 - 3.5 years old


3.5 years +

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Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


My daughter has thrived in the centre environment – she is articulate, into all sorts of activities and consistantly talking to me about her day, mentioning her two best buddies. She is going to benefit from the forward thinking of the teachers and centre management at Montessori Mosgiel and move into a new environment which will continue to nurture her growth and development, at her natural stages. The pre-school is one that I recommend highly and will continue to do so. I am proud to say that my daughter attends there and the schooling and environment that is provided for the children is excellent.


My son is thriving here and loves to come and see the staff and other children. I love coming to pick him up when children are singing and dancing. I completely trust the staff with my son and would recommend Montessori Mosgiel to friends and family. Keep up the good work.


Amazing staff who are so attentive, caring, nurturing and supportive. My most favourite part of my day is picking my wee boy up and seeing how happy he is there.


Because my daughter loves going so much so I had to bump up from 2 days a week to 3 days a week. She has gotten so much more independent yet helpful with our daily routine, she is always asking to help. She has also really come out of her shell and blossomed so much into a talkative, social and kind little girl.


The teachers at BestStart Montessori Mosgiel are absolutely so approachable and considerate and just want the best for your child. I am happy that my child is in a safe warm environment .


So impressed with BestStart Mosgiel, each and every staff member has been amazing and made us feel incredibly welcome. Would not hesitate to recommend to other friends with little ones!


All the staff are incredible, the facility is lovely and my children are both very happy. I’d give a 20/10 mark if I could.


We are extremely impressed with the level of care our son is given by Montessori Mosgiel. His early learning experiences are coloured by fun and warmth because of the personalities of his teachers and we are very happy with the work and play he is offered in the Koru room.


BestStart Montessori Mosgiel are an extension of our family. The kids all love going and are so loved there.


Promoting health and well-being

Tamariki are naturally motivated to move their bodies

The Little Yellow Digger Visits Montessori Mosgiel

We have been lucky enough to get some work completed on updating our outdoor learning spaces at Montessori Mosgiel.

Kiwi Room is growing Mushrooms!

We are lucky to have Jack's Dad, Ben, come in and talk to us about the Mushrooms that he grows and sells to local restaurants as well as Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits.