BestStart Petone

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BestStart Petone is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered, tucked away in the heart of the vibrant and ever growing Petone community. Our centre is a place where children come to explore, research and investigate the world around them with teachers who are enthusiastic about supporting them every step of the way!

At BestStart Petone we explore beyond the distance and draw it near!

Our passionate team at BestStart Petone love to make learning fun! We get excited and inspired about children's learning and the endless possibilities of discovering where we can take this learning. Tamariki are supported to extend on their prior learning, embark on new challenges, pursue learning goals, and participate in an engaging programme which promotes exploration and imaginative thinking. 

What you can expect from BestStart Petone: 

  • Your child will be part of a planned and exciting programme that supports their learning through adventure and discovery 
  • We will support your child’s development and life skills through hands on exploration of the world around them 
  • Our team of teachers will work with you to develop an individual learning plan that supports your hopes and dreams for your child and captures their learning journey in a meaningful way 
  • A fun, engaging and exciting learning space with teachers who will support and extend your child's learning 
  • A place where friendship, laughter, encouragement and fun a part of life       

Our Team

We have a passionate and tight knit team. Each of us with our own passions and skills that we bring to the centre. Regular professional development means we always have our fingers on the pulse for any new teachings to benefit children in our care. 

What We Offer

  • 20 hours free for 3-5 year olds and WINZ subsidies available* if required
  • Experienced tight-knit team of passionate teachers
  • Fresh, healthy, nutritious meals and snacks provided throughout the day

Our Spaces

Our centre is set up into three different learning areas to cater to a variety of learning needs for children at the different stages of their life and development.




Video Gallery

Courage and curiosity
Trust and Playfulness
Holi Fun
Welcome to the Wild Things!
Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


Thank you so very much for taking care of our little girl. She absolutely loved coming to spend her days with you guys. It was awesome watching her grow and learn and it was fantastic to watch the bond she formed with her friends and teachers. You guys will never know how grateful we were to you for providing a loving, nurturing, fun and educational place for her during what was a very busy two years for us. Knowing she was safe, happy, loved and well fed (thanks Saby) was a great thing for us every day. Thank you for making us feel like we are well and truly a part of the family


We love the regular updates we receive through Storypark, as do our family and friends who all share in his development. They always greet our family with a smile and are happy to see us every time we drop him off. It’s that type of personal attention that makes us feel completely at ease leaving him in their hands


My son has thrived with all you have taught him and most important he has had fun and made friends


My son attended BestStart Petone for just 1 year but I loved that place! The teachers are great, the feedback is really good and they are always bringing in new toys, new activities for the children and it is tidy place too. He has now gone to school but BestStart Petone will always be in our hearts!


Tititorea at BestStart Petone

At BestStart Petone, we have been making our own set of Rākau sticks which are traditionally known to be part of a Māori game called Tititorea or Te Rākau. Read about the fun we've had and the skills we've learnt from playing this traditional game.

Our Beach Clean Up

Caring for Papatūānuku by cleaning up Pito-one Beach