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Are you looking for quality care and education for your infant, toddler or preschool child? The team at BestStart Puni Road in Pukekohe provides the very best education and care. We value our relationships and love working with parents and the wider community to give each and every child the best start on their learning journey.

Growing roots, happy hearts and sandy boots!

We nurture our tamariki to be bold, courageous, and confident every day and support tamariki to use their curious nature to explore our environment within the centre, as well as within our local community. The best start to the rest of your learning journey begins with us!

Our team combines a variety of well-experienced people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, and we all work together to bring out our strengths in each other as kaiako (teachers). Our kaiako are very passionate in providing an environment where your child can build on their confidence, competence, independence, and celebrate their individuality. We communicate well together and work to the highest standard to keep your child safe, while building their confidence and supporting their learning experiences.

Infants and Toddlers
Our infants and toddlers centre is a safe and nurturing space for your child. Our kaiako care deeply about the children receiving the best experience possible while they are in our care.

We are eager to work alongside you, and your child's home routine, in order to provide them with emotional and physical security while they attend BestStart Puni Road.

The first 3 years are extremely important for a child's learning and developmental potential. This includes growth in their sense of identity, confidence, competence, independence and self-help/problem solving skills.

Our team follows a plan that allows the children to learn from their own interests. Tamariki contribute to their own learning through play, and our staff then use their interests to expand on the information the child already knows.

As your child progresses, we share their milestones with you and have as much excitement about them taking their first explorative steps into their educational journey and physical growth, as you do.

The Infants and Toddlers centre has a spacious, natural outdoor play space. Indoors is warm and homely. Both areas are fully equipped with safe sensory and physical learning opportunities for the children.

Whānau are always welcome and we encourage you to chat with us any time, our door is always open to supporting our parents, families, and children.

Our Preschool Centre is a fun and exciting environment, full of interactions and activities to challenge your child's thinking.

Our staff are friendly and approachable, working alongside parents. We love to know what aspirations you have for your child's learning and developmental journey, as it helps us support you as their parent, and also support your child's personal experience, while they are with us at BestStart Puni Road.

We believe in the importance of whānau and maintaining a strong relationship with you as the parent, in order to provide the best care for your child. Our preschool environment encourages both group and solitary play. Indoors, children experience an environment that is a fun, calm, and comfortable learning space.

You will see our Be School Ready initiative included around the preschool room. We believe in giving your child the best foundation to support their transition from preschool, to school. This is an important milestone in every child's life and we feel privileged to be a part of each of our childrens' journey of growth while they are with us at BestStart Puni Road.

Outdoors we have a large, spacious area,for your child to burn off energy. With plenty of learning opportunities to spark their interest, they will enjoy exploring as they play.

These opportunities include:

● Looking after our hei hei (chickens) such as feeding them and collecting eggs

● Harvesting fruit from our orchard which has several varieties of trees and plants

● Water play during Summer! Our centre loves water play, and the learning possibilities are never ending

As your child engages in learning activities and progresses throughout their time with us, we share with you all their experiences.

We believe every child has immense potential and it is our honour to support them every step of the way, with a love of learning, that will stand by them throughout their lifetime.

For more information about the specific fees for your centre, please contact us directly (09) 238 1633 / You might be eligible for support paying their childcare fees. For more information click here.

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Infant & Toddler Room
Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents

Family feedback about Storypark

Hi, this is Peter’s aunt from Korea. Thanks for taking care of my nephew and for sharing pictures and notes on how he is doing. It means a lot to me and my parents and we are very relieved to see our little boy is with such warm-hearted teachers. Thank you for sharing precious moments of Peter’s life which we could have missed if it was not for you!

Stanley Family

Tobys doing so well! His speech has come a long way and during lockdown I’ve noticed how much quicker he is at picking up words and phrases and he is clearer in his speech. We are so happy with how he is doing. His preschool is well suited to both of the boys . The staff are very friendly and welcoming, from the moment we walk in each morning and at pick up they always inform me on how the boys day went! And they are always excited to tell me of anything new the boys did during the day. You can see they are passionate about what they do. With Toby's speech delay I received a lot of help support and advice with this and the staff were on to it. Amazing facilities with a fabulous outdoor playground, bikes, sandpit and plenty of toys and puzzles etc. You can see that the preschool is one that lets children decide which areas they would like to play in which I love, the toys aren’t all hidden away everything is displayed so they can access things they would like to play with easily. The teachers always set up a range of activities up on the tables. Toby has made some amazing friendships which is one of the things I was hoping for. He talks about his friends a lot. Both of my boys look forward to daycare. The hours are great too. I can see the growth and learning every day! When I see the boys interact with the other kids, they are attentive and share toys with them they quite often hold hands or hug. I feel there is a focus on kindness and affection Their favourite phrase is “sharing is caring” they say this alot to each other at home and it resolves alot of fights over toys this is something the teachers have taught them. It’s very nice to know that they are in a caring environment it’s peace of mind while I’m at work I know that they are in a kind caring and fun place.

Christina McRobbie

Would not send my kids anywhere else. Beautiful team and amazing support. Can't wait for our newest member of our family to enjoy BestStart Puni Road the same way all three of my children have. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you so much.

Maria Wilkinson

We love that the infant room is small and has a small number of children. Ava gets the best care because of this she can grow to be an amazing little girl. The staff are great. They are always there if I ever need to talk or have questions and Fiona always makes time to call or email me if I have any concerns, which is very rare, but it's nice to know that I will never be ignored.


Love sending both my children here. Both of my children have thrived at this centre and the staff are always so supportive and helpful. Fiona is an amazing manager who is only a phone call or email away if you have any questions or concerns. The teachers love telling me stories of the children's day at drop off and pick up and you can see how much they love the children and want the best for them. The fact, both of my kids jump out of my arms to go to the teachers just shows how much my kids love the teachers also. What makes a great centre, isn't how new and shiny it is. It's the staff and BestStart Puni Road have the best staff who really do care about the children.


The staff you have are amazing. They always want to take that extra time to really get to know your child, like they are a family member. I find this helps them discuss with us as parents things they can do to help develop our children. They do not have a 'all kids fall into this bracket' attitude. I love hopes and dreams time. From this you can always see how much attention the teachers really do pay to your child. Of course always amazing to hear things they see which we as parent's don't see. The environment is soooo homely and loving. Outside play with the flax, grass, trees and of course dirt is awesome. to see so much of the natural beauty for our tamariki to explore. It is a BEAUTIFUL centre.

Bijo Joseph

My sons are both happy to go to BestStart Puni Road, that in itself says it's a good place. The team at BestStart Puni Road are compassionate and listen to my concerns without a judgmental mentality. As a Mum that's very satisfying and makes me feel confident to send my kids to the centre. Thank you, Fiona, and team.


Dye Art

Our tamariki love art! We all had so much fun using dye, and droppers to create unique patterns on big pieces of cardboard to create Dye Art.

Enjoying Summer Weather!

We are really enjoying the warmer weather and are utilizing our outdoor space as much as possible!

Slime fun day!

Events like this, where we can spend time with whānau in a relaxed setting, are an essential part of creating those close relationships with each other.