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BestStart Sunset is a friendly, welcoming childcare centre on Sunset Road. We're open all year round from 7.30am - 5.30pm and have a range of sessions, part-time and full-time care available to suit the needs of our families.

Believe in Yourself

Mauria te Pono

Positive, strong and trusting relationships between parents/whanau, children and staff are essential for ensuring we get the best outcomes for our children. We are committed to nurturing a strong sense of ownership and belonging for all our children and their families. When children have a sense of belonging they develop their confidence to try new things. They believe in themselves.

At BestStart Sunset our baby, toddler and preschool spaces are home-like environments with large inviting outdoor areas. These provide our children the choice to freely explore their own interests, make decisions, problem-solve, develop relationships and learn at their own pace with support from experienced and qualified teachers.

Takahe Room (Infants)

This is a flightless native bird, just like our pepi they are close to the ground exploring from the bottom up. Soon they will develop many skills and achieve many milestones before transitioning to the Tiwaiwaka Room.

Tiwaiwaka  Room (2-3yrs)

This is also a native bird commonly known as the Fantail.  At this age our tamariki are going to be introduced to many experiences as they flutter/explore this space and gain further skills such as early problem-solving and independence. 

Hokioi Room (3-4yrs)

This bird was once the biggest eagle, it is now extinct, but had the ability to fly above storms instead of flying away from them. In this space our tamariki will learn further problem solving skills to develop positive relationships, well-being, language, and early research. The 3-4yr old space will build further resilience and persistence supporting this age group to fly above any storm and land safely. 

Kea Room (4-5ys)

The Kea is full of fun, cheekiness and character, much like this age group as they express more of who they are, their traits and personalities whilst preparing for the next journey of school. Building their natural character, independence and being school ready skills with their peers we believe is important to help them for the world and remain true to themselves. #MAURIA TE PONO

All our rooms practice, support, reflect, acknowledging the values that are important to us such as aroha, manaaki, whanaungatanga, tuakana and teina relationships, ako, and Te Whare Tapa Wha. These concepts and values make up the frames of our days as we act, respond, learn and grow together. 

We celebrate success through promoting a can-do attitude, a give it a go environment with kaiako ready to give a hand, support, and most of all empower. 

Community connections - The community plays an integral part of our early childhood centre and curriculum at BestStart Sunset. We engage in regular excursions into our community; enjoying trips to the library, fortnightly visits to our local rest home where we implement a play-based programme for the residents alongside our children to encourage diversity in relationship building and support developing social competency. We have Matua Grant visit each Wednesday morning along with his guitar to teach us new waiata and further support our tamariki in their use of Te Reo.

Health and wellbeing - At BestStart Sunset we are committed to being a centre where nutrition and physical activity are paramount in our day to day routines. We have a dedicated centre cook who provides our tamariki with nutritious morning, lunch and afternoon kai. We have lunch box days each Friday, to offer our pre-schoolers the opportunity to prepare for school. We are also a Breastfeeding Friendly Accredited centre.

Come in and talk to the teaching team, and see for yourself all the wonderful experiences we are offering our children!

What we stand for

For more information on our centre, read our centre priority statement

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Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


We would like to thank you for the wonderful job you do in caring for our child. It is great to come in each day to be greeted by smiling happy staff who take an enthusiastic interest in all the children’s learning and daily activities. Under your care I have noticed that my sons has become more social, and his language and cognitive skills grow stronger each day. We are also grateful for the safe environment at you provide, it gives such piece of mind! Our son loves the meals prepared at the centre and it is good to see them tasting and enjoying a variety of food. The centre newsletters are great for communication. Most of all, thank you for nurturing and loving my son.


Thank you so much for all the incredible support of Sophie and Travis this year (and always). Sophie has had a wonderful start to school and Travis is growing so much. Our family has so much appreciation for you all. To Kysha for the delicious food and special care you give to Trav, thanks so very very much.


I just wanted to send some gratitude to you guys. I've finally figured out how to join Marley's StoryPark together so I spent the weekend reading over her stories since starting at the centre and I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the amazing learning stories Maea is producing. They've genuinely made my heart full of happiness. Just really incredible, in depth amazing learning stories, so thanks to Maea. Please tell her how much it means to Marley and her whanau to see as no one from her Dad's side has even seen the daycare and now they have all this precious insight into Marleys life there - just thrilled!


I have 2 Children at BestStart Sunset and they've both previously been enrolled in other centres throughout the BOP. This teacher she will change lives. Her passion and respect for her work is something I've never come across. She goes above and beyond on her learning stories for my children and I can read the excitement she feels watching them achieve milestones. My whanau all communicate with her on story park and her enthusiasm and attempts at linking their experiences with my daughter and then how they relate to what she's working with at school are just so incredible. She organised a school trip because I told my kids a maori myth and she made it happen so my husband my kids and myself could all enjoy the trip with other kids and staff from the school. The way she connects and relates is so awesome and I feel so comfortable and safe leaving my kids there with her.


Our Head Teacher attended a morning tea with NZMA on behalf of our centre. We got some really awesome feedback. Over the many years of students training to become qualified ECE teachers, the students and their mentor let us know that they have felt very supported as students and have left feeling reassured that ECE is the career for them. We have a lot of respect for our future students/teachers and do all we can to welcome them into our centre, share in knowledge and inspire our future teachers.


A big huge thank you to all the teachers who have supported, cared for and taught my daughter for the last 3+ years!


Diwali Celebrations 2023

We celebrated Diwali with our tamariki, including Rangoli art, Henna for our hands and dressed up in bright colours and traditional clothing along with dance and music.

Mauria te reo, Mauria te pono o te Ao Maori

It is that time of year to celebrate Te wiki o te reo Maori 2023. Here at BesStart Sunset, we uphold our mana through our centre philosophy founded from whare tapa wha and centre vision, "Mauria te pono - believe in yourself".

Celebrating Diverse Cultures!

​Africa Day Here at Start Sunset we celebrated Africa Day in recognition of all the countries in Africa and the independence of the Ubuntu people.