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BestStart Tawa is on Main Road, Tawa, close to the motorway and a 2-minute walk to the Redwood railway station.

Celebrating the inner masterpiece

All tamariki have an inner beauty, uniqueness, culture and identity of their own. At BestStart Tawa we are proud of our inner beauty and celebrate this.

At BestStart Tawa, we believe all children have an inner masterpiece that needs to be celebrated. Just as Paua has a unique and intricate hidden pattern in the story Tangaroa’s Gift, so too do all tamariki. This can be culture, language, skills, knowledge or just the uniqueness of each tamariki. We do this by living our PAUA Philosophy.

P (Play)
A (Attention to others)
U (You choose your attitude)
A (Appreciate others)

Play – In the early years of life, play is the most important way to discover, build and share knowledge, grow skills, make friends and communicate. At BestStart Tawa play forms the foundation for the inner masterpiece. Our Infants (aged 0-2 years) and Toddlers (aged 2-3.5 years) are only discovering they have an inner masterpiece, while our Preschoolers (aged 3.5 years to school age) are evolving and beginning to refine theirs. Our kaiako and tamariki have fun, laugh, discover and share learning together. Our tamariki go on regular walking excursions around our local community to develop their knowledge and appreciation of what happens in Tawa. We invite whanau to be involved in celebrations and share in events both at the centre and outside the centre. As children engage in play with or alongside their peers, kaiako, and whanau, their inner masterpiece begins to develop, building their love of learning and their own unique skills.

Attention to others – As your child grows, how they engage with others shapes and develops their inner masterpiece. Children evolve their own inner masterpiece through the teaching of life skills, such as independence and discovering ways of engaging socially for life long success. Our children’s treaty “Be Safe, Be Kind” encourages tamariki to be aware of not only their own journey as a child, but that too of their friends. Our careful and respectful routines with our infants and toddlers (such as naptime routines and nappy changing – we supply nappies) also show how Kaiako show attention to tamariki. At BestStart Tawa, we celebrate diversity. Culture and language are celebrated with tamariki and our tamariki and whanau feel a sense of pride for their own culture and language. We teach our tamariki about different cultures and how each one is important, powerful and special.

You choose your attitude – At BestStart Tawa, we begin to teach our tamariki to understand their emotions. We use strategies of mindfulness and yoga to support tamariki to look after their own well-being from the inside out. All emotions are important and the ways in which we express these and develop resilience can shape a child’s inner masterpiece so they are prepared for all that life brings.

Appreciate others – Learning from another is one of the greatest ways we can show others we appreciate all that is unique about them and their own inner masterpiece. As a way of showing appreciation to all whanau and tamariki at BestStrat Tawa, we hold an annual kai and culture “cruise”, where we spend 10 weeks travelling the world, tasting new cuisines and exploring culture and language of each of our tamariki. We provide all meals and our daily, seasonal menu often reflects meals from different cultures. We teach our tamariki about Kaitiakitanga, guardianship, where they are responsible for our environment, community garden and each other. We use Maori myths and legends and teachings from nga Atua to accompany our teachings of PAUA and these support the unique growth of all of our inner masterpieces.

We welcome you to visit us to see the learning and fun that happens every day. Contact us to book a tour or drop by whenever suits you. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

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Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


Thank you all for the love and support your have given to Ayla while in Pre-School. She has grown into a wise young lady and has been taught so many values that Damian and I will ever be grateful for.


We would like to say thank you so much for all your support for Tiffany’s journey at Pre-School. We are so pleased to see her growth at Pre-School. You guys are so committed, passionate and always full of energy.


I just wanted to give you some feedback on the lockdown period- I just am so impressed with how the centre has handled the whole scenario. The communication has been really thorough and clear, the processes are really well thought out. I havnt felt stressed about care for the kids at any point thanks to you guys. The dedication from the teaching staff to the kids is so amazing- as you know we have 6 children so have had a LOT of experience with day care facilities over the years! And we are just so impressed with you guys. As a health professional this whole covid thing has been really stressful but it’s such a comfort to know the kids are so well looked after and in such a nurturing environment. The teaching staff in both toddlers and preschool are just the loveliest ever and the kids are so excited to see them every day. I honestly can feel that they are so passionate about their jobs- and am so grateful to them for juggling their own families so that they can care for our families.


Thanks for all your support and kindness. I love BestStart Tawa because of the teachers. The teachers make the place and I have always valued and trusted your input. You guys are all amazing and I am confident that sending my younger child to you also means he will be in good hands. Keep on being great support networks for us mums, we massively appreciate it.


Celebrating Maori Language Week at BestStart Tawa

Our tamariki have been learning lots about Te Reo this week

Our new playground at BestStart Tawa

We've been eagerly watching the process and waiting for our new playgound!

What a busy month so far!

We've been engaging in lots of dramatic play activities, using our imaginations to make up fun games with our friends