BestStart Tawa South

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BestStart Tawa South is a quality early learning childcare centre welcoming infants through to preschoolers, located on Redwood Ave, just 200m from Redwood School.

The beauty of this place lies in the cultures of our people

At BestStart Tawa South celebrating the cultural diversity of our children and teachers is important to us. It is at the heart of our vision and is something we live every day.

Introducing children to diversity at a young age helps open their mind about the world they live in. They develop an understanding and appreciation for the rich variety of experiences the world has to offer. Children develop the social skills to navigate themselves through the modern world with confidence and kindness.

At home with us - We build great relationships with our families. For us the parent is the expert and we learn from our families how best to care for each child. We spend a lot of time with whānau during the settling process, getting to know both the child and the parents. The information about each family's culture and where they come from helps us support each child and create a sense of belonging. The transition works around what the child needs and what he/she is comfortable with. Our whānau are very much a part of both the planning and the celebrating of cultures at our centre!

As a centre we enjoy supporting community groups such as Plunket and get involved in nationwide awareness days like Daffodil Day to provide our children with a sense of being part of the wider community and the important role they can play in it.

We have two specialised learning rooms to cater for the needs of our children as the grow and develop.

Infants and Toddlers

In our Pikopiko Room, for children under 2 years old, we incorporate every child’s culture into our plan for their learning and development. We follow each child’s individual routine and accommodate cultural and whānau specific expectations, such as kai or bottle feeding, how each child is supported during kai times, nappy changing routines and bedtime routines.


In our Māhuri Room, for children aged 2 to 6 years old, you will see each child’s culture celebrated through our displays, photos, songs, dances and through the multiple languages spoken by our teachers and tamariki.

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Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


Our daughter has been at ABC Redwood for three years now, and we feel like everyone there is a part of our family. Every day the team demonstrate how much they care about her, her interests and her personal growth. I’m blown away by the amount of personal attention she receives, and the activities that the kaiako tailor just for her. She could not have a better “second family” and home away from home than at ABC Redwood.


We were ecstatic with the level of care both our boys received from you when we moved from the previous kindy, and we have been thrilled ever since. You are a special bunch of teachers lead by a special leader in Michelle.


We have seen some great changes in the centre in the last year. There is better communication, stable teachers and our son seems to be thriving and enjoying his time at the centre


Friendly staff and they all genuinely care for our tamariki :) Love their hard work.


You all are doing wonderful. Just continue doing what you are doing. Thanks Hannah, Silky, Amanda, Sam, Morgan and Gypsy :)


Celebrating Chinese New Year at BestStart Tawa South

Tamariki created a collage lantern with red and yellow crepe paper; developing their fine motor skills and creativity in the process.

Summer Holiday Programme at BestStart Tawa South

Sports day, dinosaur hunt day and bike days were just a few highlights of our holiday programme.

This month at BestStart Tawa South

Our talented and passionate kaiako are always there to support, encourage, serve and ensure the needs of each tamaiti are met.