Our leaders are the backbone of our organisation. This is why we have a huge support network available to help them bring their best every day.

We have such a strong commitment to continuously growing our teachers into great leaders.  We have a very clear leadership philosophy based on mentoring, coaching and working alongside our people.  When our people are able to work with great leaders, that is when we truly see our teams thrive.

For us, there are two key aspects to growing great leaders.  Support and Training.  Not only do we have a wide network of support teams, Centre Managers are also supported on a weekly basis by two key people – A Business Manager who helps focus on the operations of a centre and a Professional Services Manager who provides guidance and inspiration for your centre’s education programme.  

Most of our leaders are promoted from within and are well prepared for this step by taking one of our well established leadership courses that our Learning and Development team offer.  Far from just taking a one off course, our leadership programmes are extensive and have ongoing follow up over time to ensure our next leaders are absolutely ready when their time comes to step up.