A journey back to the past

23 Jun 2022

A journey back to the past

What do we visualise when we hear 'time capsule'? It could be a moment in time, a place in time, objects in time, people in time, gifts in time and memories. 

When this question was asked to some older school children, they answered that they think of a clock and a box with things left in it by people in the past when they were younger. When asked what they think is the purpose of a time capsule, "so you can look at what you did back then and have a good laugh" or "so you can compare what life was like then and now". These are indeed very insightful answers. 

In May 2011, the children and teachers buried a time capsule in this centre to be unearthed ten years later by the future children and teachers of this centre. This momentous occasion took place in June 2021, attended by various BestStart representatives, some children and teachers of 2011, our local kaumatua, and current teachers and children. It was a trip down memory lane, especially for those teachers who were present in 2011.

A few stories told passionately were heard. We were curious about where these children are now, and maybe a few teary eyes were shed as they reminisced about this 'blast from the past' occasion. This centre was called 'Kiwicare' back then, and the time capsule was buried in the 'Wyllie 5' playground, which is now the new 'School's Out'. A lot has changed since prompting the need to relocate the new 'time capsule' burial spot. 

The teachers and children of 2021 have buried a new time capsule in the Pohutukawa playground that will be unearthed in ten years 2031 by our future selves and children. 

We can't help but wonder what the future will look like then? 

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