A thank you gift and an adventure

13 Jun 2019


Recently we went for a walk to the Marewa Pharmacy to give them a special thank-you gift from us at BestStart Napier Central for coming to our mothers evening. They talked about and shared some products and gave a goodie bag full of all sorts including discounts. 

With a small group of children, we ventured off with Kym and Carla. Just as we got to the first street we come across one of our parent which was Nour's dad. Nour thought this was pretty exciting seeing her dad out. She waved to him and off we went crossing the road. 

Our first stop was the Four Square to purchase some chocolates for the lovely ladies. The children helped with the transaction of the purchase and off we went continuing with our walk. We walked past shops guessing what was in there and what a lot of fun we had. 

We reached the Marewa Pharmacy and asked for Debbie. Debbie looked so excited to see us and when she came out, Nehemiah handed over the thank you card that the children made, Leonardo handed over a box of Roses chocolates and Jahkyza gave her a box of Scorched Almonds.

Debbie was so impressed with the gift she even shared them with the children. The children were so excited to get to choose what chocolate they wanted, they sat nicely and the community were amazed how well they behaved at the shops. While we were eating the chocolate, Debbie had placed the card so everyone could see it. After our chocolate, we regrouped and walked back to the centre. 

While out and about the children learn to question and explore their surroundings, understand what’s going on around them, learn new words based on what they see and feel part of the community they live in.