Celebrating the festive season

Celebrating the festive season
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Our tamariki have thoroughly enjoyed getting prepared for Christmas this year. Here at BestStart Remuera road, we have celebrated the build up towards Christmas by decorating our centre with beautiful artwork that the children have created with tinsels to create a warm and inviting environment that fills everyone with feelings of joy and the wonder that it’s Christmas.

There has been a sense of excitement, joy and wonder as fairies at BestStart Remuera Road have worked their magic and thoughtfully prepared the centre for upcoming celebrations.  Beautiful Christmas trees dressed lovingly with decorations. Stories were told and wish lists were shared, photos were taken and gifts were given.

In our individual rooms there was a wide range of experiences available for each tamariki that gave them an understanding and knowledge of celebrating Christmas. Tamariki were eager to learn different skills through art and craft activity, dance sessions and decorating the rooms with their own special Christmas memories. 

Our tamariki have been very busy creating decorations and Christmas treasures to share with their families, listening to Christmas stories, singing carols and sharing a delicious Christmas feast together.  

It has truly been a very special time for us all and especially this year, being a tough one, as we celebrate the gift of giving our time, our presence and our love.   

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