Chinese New Year 2024

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Chinese New Year Our centre loves to embrace all our families and their cultures. We were so excited to celebrate Chinese New Year with all the children. We planned the day for everyone to dress in red clothes with lots of different activities set up. 

We had one of our Chinese families bring in yummy dumplings and want to extend this by coming in to teach and show the children how to make them. We are proud to have a Chinese teacher as part of our centre who was able to teach us some words and we are learning some fun songs. 

Chinese calligraphy was a big hit on the day, children were learning to express their creativity through the black paint while looking at the different Chinese character symbols, and this was a very tricky task to do as we used fine-tip paint brushes. 

Even in our Pepi room, the children did some dragon dancing painting where we listened to some music and watched some dragon dancing performances. We all had such a great time! We know through having these celebrations, children are growing their cultural awareness and sense of identity. 

We are encouraging our children to embrace their cultural identity and learn about the world and their place within it. Children are increasing their appreciation and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures. We can’t wait to celebrate our next event with our children and their families!