Making an Outdoor Hut

Making an Outdoor Hut

Making an Outdoor Hut

With your child, try creating an outdoor hut with things found inside your home. Drape an old blanket from a fence, railing or tree branch and set some cushions on the ground, and a cosy nook can start to take shape.

Things you will need:

  • Old blankets, rugs, tarpaulin or an old sheet to make the walls and/or roof of the hut
  • Furnishings, such as cushions, children's table and chairs, that you don't mind being taken outside
  • Assortment of natural resources, such as shells, leaves, pinecones etc., to decorate the hut

How to do it:

Go outside with your child and look for the best spot for their hut (deck, patio or garden). Discuss with your child how they might build a hut in that space; what materials they will need and what ideas they have. Is there an outdoor feature, such as a wall or tree, that can be used to start the hut? Discuss with your child how they would like the hut to look, perhaps drawing out a plan on some paper. 

Enjoy being part of building the hut and the imaginary play that unfolds.

What learning is occurring?

  • Planning skills and decision-making
  • Language and communication
  • Creative and lateral thinking


  • Try this activity when out walking in the bush or at a park. Look for fallen ferns or branches to build your hut in the great outdoors. Ensure your children are respectful of the environment and don't damage plants or trees. 
  • Explain to your child about the importance of bringing things back inside and putting them away, e.g., explain what might happen to a wooden chair if left outside in the elements.