Our Multicultural Day

11 Jul 2019

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We are part of a diverse, multi-cultural community and it was fantastic to celebrate this multiculturalism with our children. It was lovely to see children and staff dressed in their cultural costumes. The teachers talked about their identity, the country where they are from and its traditions. This year's theme was “Weave the people together”, "Whiria te tangata".  The children learnt about different cultures around the world by listening to the national anthem of different countries, saying ‘hello’ in different languages. They learnt about different songs and danced to the tunes of some cultural music. We also learned that food is different in different countries. We had the opportunity to make sushi and some cookies.

At BestStart Newmarket we do our best to navigate the diverse cultures of the children and families that we care for on a daily basis.  Together with children we discussed different ways to weave unity into diversity. Mutual respect, kindness and empathy are some of the ways by which we can weave people together.