Outdoor Exploration


Here in the Paua room at Montessori St Albans, the children love to explore our beautiful garden and outdoor space filled with lovely flowers, fresh vegetables and plenty of bugs and insects. Recently we have had the privilege of watching the transformation of the butterfly as our caterpillars spun into their chrysalis and hatched into butterflies. 

The children loved getting hands on with our caterpillars where they learnt how to care for them, what they need to grow and their body parts. This learning was then caried into the classroom where we drew some lovely butterfly pictures, learnt the names of the butterfly body parts and even explore the life cycle of other animals and insects. 

This has been a wonderful way to explore science and nature. Other fun science activities outside, that the children love is to learn about water and land forms and volcanoes in our sandpit, where we enjoy making volcanoes explode with baking soda and vinegar so the lava can flow into our rivers and lakes which are surrounded by our volcanic islands. 

Science is a big part of our Montessori programme and we love to be able to bring the learning in the classroom to the outside environment.