Raspberry Fun


Over the Christmas and New Years holiday break the tamariki had the opportunity to go and pick some raspberries from our bushes. The tamariki each had a chance to check the bushes for the raspberries and pick the ripe red ones, there were a few eaten before we got them back inside. 

The tamariki were able to talk about how they are able to harvest berries from Papatuanuku and provide themselves with kai. We checked the community garden while we were out and checked on the strawberries and picked a couple of apples to also try when we got back inside. We then went inside where we washed the berries and apples that we had harvested and had them for afternoon kai. 

The tamariki really enjoyed the chance to harvest their own kai and build an understanding of the whole process that food goes through from harvesting to them eating it. This is a continued learning experience that we can foster more each day as we care for Papatuanuku and take care of our community garden. The tamariki went home telling their parents about how they got to harvest the fruit and they really enjoyed eating the raspberries.