Transition to Kura workshop at BestStart Totara Park


The preschool ruma recently held an evening workshop to support parents/whanau to gain a greater understanding of ‘learning through play’ and also what our ‘Set for School’ program looks like. This evolved through an inquiry by Kaiako Lauren and an outcome of this was education opportunities for our whanau and community. 

This allowed us to invite some teachers from local schools to come to the workshop to share their experiences on learning through play and how this looks in a primary school setting. The Kaiako all took turns delivering different sections of the workshop and used a PowerPoint to show visual examples.

The topics discussed included ‘learning through play’ and knowledge of what children need to be ‘learner ready’ for school. Also discussed was how to start preparing your child for Kura (school). The Kaiako shared what was happening in the preschool ruma to support children to be learner-ready for school. All the parents received a pamphlet to take home and read and then at the end of the workshop parents had the opportunity to ask questions and the Kaiako were able to answer any queries they had. 

We had a great turnout from our whānau and from the feedback we will be holding more workshops that support being ‘Set for School’.