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BestStart Lambie Drive is centrally located in the heart of Manukau, South Auckland. We offer high-quality education and award-winning childcare for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Creativity Leads Our Learning.

At BestStart Lambie Drive, we believe that creativity is a critical part of our children's learning. We incorporate creativity in all aspects of our education and activities whether it's our little artists getting messy creating masterpieces, rehearsing performances, or singing Waiata (songs) together and letting the music fill our space and hearts.

Located in the center of Manukau close to public transport, our team nurture and develop our talented young learners. Strong connections are made with each child to create a sense of belonging and to develop their confidence. Each day there are new activities for our explorers, discoverers, creators, and connectors.

Our Team

Our qualified and passionate team of teachers work alongside families to ensure the best care and education for your child. NZ’s curriculum, Te whāariki, is used to guide the children’s learning and develop independence and readiness for school. We have large indoor spaces and our Healthy Heart Award centre cook provides nutritious meals and snacks for our children throughout the day.

What We Offer

  • Nutritious provided meals and snacks from our centre cook
  • Central location near public transport in the heart of Manukau
  • 20 hours free for 3-5 year olds and WINZ subsidies available* if required

Our Spaces

Our site has two buildings, each with dedicated learning spaces for children of different ages. Our Tahi Building has two rooms for children aged between 3 months and 3.5 years old, and our Rua Building has two learning spaces for children aged between 3.5 years to 6 years old.

Pukeko Room


Tui Room


Kiwi Room

(3.5 - 4.5 years old)

Ruru Room

(4.5 - 5 years old)

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Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents

Claire Rawnsley

BestStart Lambie Drive is very supportive of Arya in her learning and development. From learning new words, songs and commands to growing her social skills, I've found the teachers awesome. They always do different activities to help stimulate the children's development and are always encouraging them to try new things. I find the teachers here really hands on, and like second parents to my girl. Not only do they give her nutritious meals and quality sleep time, and keep her generally healthy with her nappy changes and keeping her nose from running, they genuinely care about her wellbeing. I always see them cuddling her and doing one on one activities which makes me feel like I'm leaving her in a safe environment. Yes, she loves going to kindy every day. She loves her friends and her teachers and all the fun stuff they get up to. I think the teachers are really hands on with the kids at Lambie Drive and they also interact with families as well. Were often invited for special event morning teas with other parents which makes it feel like a really family focused centre.

Arishma Arti

Ashley has been attending Best Start Lambie for over an year now and she is having the best creative times. Being the only child she was a very shy kid but now she’s expressing her feeling and have learned a lot of communication skills. she has developed and improved her coordination and motor skills.The teachers have looked after Ashley very well. When she started to attend preschool she didn’t knew how to hold spoon and in less than a week she started to eat by herself . Within 6months of her starting school with the help of teachers I managed to toilet train her.

Tina Ahuja

Its been more than 2 years since my older son is going to this centre. He has come a long way in these 2 years. He was behind in speech but he has tremendously improved and the teachers have definitely been most helpful in this journey. My of my requests are being looked into and the centre is more like a family for me and my kids. Both of them look forward to going to school in the morning which is much of a relief as this ensures that my kids are happy and well looked after.

Abha Walia

I always wanted my son to be able to read and write all the alphabet, numbers and at least his name before he goes to school. All the teachers supported me by engaging him in activities or puzzles related to letters and numbers. With all our combined efforts, I proudly can say that my son knows how to read and write alphabets, our names and can count till 50 with little help. Teachers had always taken care of the different needs of my son. But, from the very first day, my only concern for my son was his eating habits. He is quite a fussy eater. But with everybody's help and encouragement, my problem seems to be disappearing and I hope that before starting school eating won't be a problem. Kunj loves to go to the centre every day. It's not possible otherwise he would love to go to the center on weekends also which he always complains to me about.

Kim Tran

Beststart Lambie Drive has continuously provided great support in my children’s learning and development. My daughter aged 4, comes home teaching her younger sibling new songs and telling of stories about how fun filled her day was at the centre. The teachers provide excellent care, I am pleased with the way they assist my children with their personal hygiene and eating. They’re very friendly and very easy to communicate with. Yes, both my children 4 and 2 attend the centre 5 days a week. They look forward to go each morning, They even refuse to come home at the end of the day. I would highly recommend this centre to anyone looking to enrol their children in a friendly and well managed centre

Elena Akaroa

The staff do a really great job of identifying my children's interests and developing it into an opportunity for play-based learning. My children have access to resources that I cant provide for them at home, and also being around other children, allows them to develop social skills that will help them as they get older. I really appreciate that they're in a great centre where they're genuinely cared for.

Melissa Seddon

Teachers are very friendly and have made the transition so easy for our baby girl especially Pukha your amazing thanks team.


Very likely recommend BestStart to my friends and relatives. My son Ocean completed has been at BestStart Lambie Drive for a month now and I can only see positive things so far. Keep doing a great job!


I have great experience with BestStart Lambie Drive and I would recommend them as teachers are very friendly and caring. My kids really enjoy going to daycare.


Hey, I wanted to say a big thank you to the BestStart Lambie team for doing marvellous work all the time, the teachers are so humble, lovely and helpful. I would love to thank Saleha for looking after the centre so well & the teachers Mandeep, Helen and Gayatri as well as the centre team look after all the children well. Thank you to your awesome staff!


BestStart Lambie Drive visits Puhinui School

We went on an excursion to our local Puhinui School to visit some of the children who have transitioned to primary school and to familiarise our preschoolers with the school environment!

Happy Chinese New Year 2023

Lunar new year is an important family celebration and it is a 15 days festival. Family and friends gather to wish each other luck, happiness, and wealth for the new year.

Group play creates beautiful moments

We believe in learning through relationships and encourage our babies in Pukeko room to learn with and alongside each other, making our learning journey a lot more fun and meaningful.