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BestStart Montessori Kilbirnie is a two classroom centre caring for your children from aged 6 months to 6 years old. We are located in a small house in a quiet street in Kilbirnie. Our full qualified and Montessori trained teachers have a great passion for working with young children, encouraging them to make connections and fulfil their learning potentials in ways that suit your child’s individual learning needs. We are well positioned to take children on excursions to the local recreation centre, library and park.

Peaceful guardianship - Kaitiakitanga

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of freedom” Dr Maria Montessori.

Young children absorb so effortlessly from their environment and have such a drive to learn, make connections and be independent.  We pride ourselves on our relationships with our children and families, allowing time for children to build their self esteem and confidence in our little Montessori house.  

Our multicultural centre is a member school of MANZ (Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand). We provide a fully equipped Montessori environment that brings to life the philosophy and principles of the Montessori Method for today’s child in today’s world. We provide a fully equipped Montessori environment that brings to life the philosophy and principles of the Montessori Method for today’s child in today’s world.

We see our children thrive when they are given responsibility, independence, and support from our community.  Our teachers are dedicated, passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of children and our families tell us that they feel this love in our centre.  

The first six years are the most crucial in a child’s development, they are driven to learn and our Montessori curriculum provides everything a child needs to create a foundation for learning for life.

We invite all interested parents to visit our Montessori centre – simply give us a call and we can arrange a time and day for one of our teachers to show you around. Preparation for school - Our programme supports each child’s abilities as they move to primary school, providing the skills they need to transition successfully. Our practical life and sensorial programme gives children many opportunities to develop their self-care skills, practice fine and gross motor skills, develop core strength, and be able to sort, match and compare within their sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Whether children transition to school at the age 5 or 6, we support children by providing them with a broad range of experiences to enable them to become confident peaceful learners.

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Grace and Courtesy - Tuakana Teina
Quality Service Award 2023

kind words from our parents


Thank you so very much for the love, time and inspiration you have shared with our little family. In all your care and challenging our daughter she has grown in confidence, personality and grace. We will continue with the Montessori ways day to day.


Thank you so much for the love, support and hard work you put into our child. It’s been wonderful knowing he’s in the best, secure, loving place with you lovely people.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and care you have given our family over the past 5 years. They are all the better for having been with you. We adore your little house on Vallance Street and it’s a big part of the reason they are so confident and content today.


Thank you so so much for being such a huge and special part of shaping our girls into the amazing little creatures that they are becoming. You are all always amazing, patient beyond belief, caring, kind, exceptional teachers and taking such good care of the lucky children who spend their days with you.


We are so thoroughly thankful and grateful for all you have offered our family - not only since 2016 in Playgroup but from October 2017 when he joined the centre. Your care lead us to discovering he needed glasses (ever so slightly but nonetheless!). That he will get any support he may need moving forward. You have encouraged his love of all things water and thoroughly enjoyed his time in the kitchen. As you have highlighted, he is a social person who loves to be involved with others and likes to keep everyone involved. We can thank so much of the kind, generous person he has become to the Montessori principles of grace and courtesy and the idea of manaakitanga that is absolutely embedded in his being. The learning and engagement has most definitely been laid down by you all and we look forward to picking it up with joy, energy and wairua as he embarks on this next phase. You will be sorely missed.


We cannot thank you enough for all the love and care you have shown Danny during his preschool years. He has truly thrived in the Montessori environment and leaves so confident and capable. Both Paris and Danny take such lovely friendships and memories with them. We will all miss seeing your faces everyday and will try to stay in touch and pop in for a visit


Dear Montessori, you have been soe of the best teachers of my life. Me and Danny have made lots of friends. Lots of love, Paris


A big thank you for taking such good care of Annabelle, first as a teacher, then as the Centre Manager. We are so grateful in your kindness, patience, dedication and most of all support. Your radiant, calm energy has had a big impact on the centre and your way of running the centre has turned Annabelle's behaviour around and we can't thank you enough in that. We will miss coming here. Over the years, our experience of the centre has been mostly filled with love, dedication, gentleness, fun, inspiration and wonderful teachers. We believe Annabelle's life journey has had a wonderful start. And we believe that the centre will keep being a wonderful place under your leadership. Bye bye, Laure, Simon and Annabelle.