Our tamariki love being able to get outdoors and explore in our large open space. Kaiako ensure lots of loose parts are available to work with and the tamariki utilize this equipment to support and extend their thinking and learning. 

The summer allows opportunity for extended water play and our tamariki can often be found cooling off, jumping about and becoming totally emersed in their play. As kaiako we enjoy supporting our community culture by watching our children play out the experiences and events they experience with their whanau and sharing this with their friends who will extend adding their knowledge and together extending their world view and knowledge. Wow, lots of fun. Sand, water play and construction. 

Our boys found a box, moved our slide and created their own water park. They turned the box into a boat but had problems with it filling with water and “sinking”. Lots of discussions, problem solving and creative thinking. Could two fit in? They even went fishing. When the box finally collapsed it became a surfboard. Then after all that fun they even got themselves clean!