Library trip

21 Jul 2017

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ABC Papamoa West we encourage children to be resilient and face new situation with confidence, as part of our current program planning we have taken a trip into our local community – Papamoa Library to have an opportunity to be in a different learning environment as well as to support their interest in books, literacy, and imaginative play.

We walked to the bus station on Gravett Road and then waited for a yellow bus, our tamariki all seat nicely on the bus as we talked about safety on the road and the bus. Children noticed the bus slowed down around the roundabout and asked questions about it. They were very observant and noticed things in the local community such as Pak n Save, Warehouse and McDonald.

Once we got to the Library we found children’s corner and looked for books of our interest, few tamariki also found new challenging puzzles while other met some new friends in the library. For some children this was a new experience – taking a bus and going to the library therefore this excursion was a great opportunity for children to experience something new within our local community. It was also nice to see the children who are more confident in new situations to guide our younger tamariki. We signed up at our local Library and are hoping to have library bus come and visit our centre regularly.