Our trip to Butterfly Creek

19 Nov 2018


At ABC Howick, children’s dispositional learning on inquiry and exploration started off with them finding a praying mantis on the playground. This led to seeking information on creepy crawlies, insects and bugs, from spiders, to ants and culminating to caterpillars. Where do caterpillars come from? Let’s find out!

So, we planted swan plants, which for children’s safety was placed out of their reach but within their sights. Children diligently kept an eye on the eggs, then the caterpillars and their voracious eating! Every morning, they would rush to the swan plant to check how FAT the caterpillars had grown. We explored the life cycle of the butterfly and whilst watching the real thing, we also indulged in creating the lifecycle in art form. Unfortunately, our caterpillars had a mind of their own and scurried off the plants to form their chrysalis somewhere else and change into butterflies. We wanted to see the final stage of lots and lots of butterfly, so we all decided to visit Butterfly Creek.

On 19th November 2018, ABC Howick children and whanau, went off on an adventure to Butterfly Creek. The trip had a bonus, not only did we see lots and lots of BUTTERFLIES, we also explored Dinosaur kingdom, saw two huge crocodiles, said hello to Nemo and Dory, visited the farm animals and then went on a train ride. What a wonderful day, full of excitement, laughter, amazement and learning!