Welcome 2024!


In Ruma Awhi, we welcomed back our tamariki and have had lots of fun with water play, exploring gross-motor skills, and strengthening our friendships with one another. We can't wait to see what adventures we have this year! 

One of our favourite activities this year has been using the fly swats on different materials. We have explored dish-washing liquid, paint and shaving foam! Tamariki have a blast learning about cause and effect. Tamariki are able to use sensory play as a way to make connections to others and to make connections to the world around them. 

Our tamariki are learning to play alongside others and develop their confidence to explore their interests. We like to support them by providing activities that encourage group play and allow for kaiako to scaffold and role-model during play. 

We want tamariki to reach their full potential. We are developing their superpowers through play! We are so excited to see what the New Year brings. Kaiako love seeing tamariki strengthening their relationships with others and creating lots of memories. We can't wait to see what our little superheroes learn, play and explore in the new year.