Art in a Montessori Classroom

Children use art to communicate how they feel, what they see, and express themselves through the use of art and drawing. The idea of painting and drawing may seem like a quick and easy project to complete, but it can actually be quite time-consuming. It often takes lots of patience in order to paint or draw an object or scene which they want to express through drawing with different mediums. It helps children to develop motor skills and through the act of using their hands and fingers, children are developing coordination. 

At BestStart Montessori The Children’s House, we provide open-ended art activities that help children explore and use their creativity. For teachers, the focus is on the process and not on the product. Teachers encourage children to have a sense of individuality and independence, just as the entire Montessori program encourages. It is important that children understand their independence and ability to be unique and do things on their own. 

As Maria Montessori said: “If we try to think back to the dim and distant past... what is it that helps us reconstruct those times, and to picture the lives of those who lived in them? It is their art... It is thanks to the hand, the companion of the mind, that civilization has arisen."